Strawberry Creek's Godis

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Born: 11. July 2005

Father: Kanikula's William Wow Weiwals - Mother: Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl

Hi, my name is Godis. I live together with Birgit and Steinar i Oslo.

My sister Go Jenta and me.

I January I become BOB puppy in Vinstra.

5th of February I also become BOB


My pedigree

Kanikula's William Wow Weiwals

S Uch Cayuga's

Winner Takes All Of Bonaventura

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Am Ch Pouch Cove's Favorite Son
Int Ch Twillin Gate Phaedra

Kanikula's Skrukkemarja Big Mutter

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Int A It Mon Ch Twillin Gate Quintex
N S Uch Toppoloppo's Big Mama Gøril
Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl Moskusbanden's Coole Victor Nord Uch Geminorum Graphias Gallo
Birkorella's Ebene Femme
Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond Nord Uch Tessmira's Fernando
N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl

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