Teglverksveien 17, 3430 Spikkestad, Norway
+47 31 28 99 50

Int N S Uch
Deep Brown Cassanovason

HD = A - AA = C

Born 12. August 1989 - Dead: 12. June 1998
Far: Int N S Qashiwa's Cassanowa - Mor: Galbybygda's Black Bonnie

Cassanova was the most beautyfull newf-puppy.  Even though it wasn't palnned to be more newfs in the house - he was irresistabel 
Cassanova became a star on the dogshows, he was the first brown newf in Norway who became an International champion .
In the night of 12 juni 1998 Cassanova died of heartfailure - He wined once and then start his travel to the rainbow bridge, where he is waiting for me to come. Then we will cross the bridge together, him, me, Nadja and Aristo.

Reunion time will come !

Cassanove on his first official show, 9 months old. He got his first CC .
This is my teddy, I wonder what's inside ?
Cassanova playing friendly with his son
In my best element - the forrest
Cassanova with his breeders children
SNOW - that's wonderfull
In my mums bed. 



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