Strawberry Creek's Classy Girl

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Born: 22. January 2001

Father: N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor - Mother: Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond

I am Classy, I live at Filtvet, together with Mette and Anders. They are so kind to me. Mette and Anders are puppywalker. I have been told that I will enter a lot of puppyshow this summer and autumn, and I'm looking forward to that. HP has taken a lot of pictures of me, take a look. If you would like to see how I have done on the puppy show, just follow the link. 

Link to dogshowresults

Link to my album

N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor Nord Uch Geminorum Graphias Gallo Ch Mouska's Love-A-Lot Bear
Int Ch Geminorum Elettra
Moskusbanden's Alma Ata Int N S Uch Skandi Aussie Bear
Birkorella's Ebenne Femme
Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond  Nord Uch Tessmira's Fernando Int N S Uch Lotgaarden's Grodan Boll
N Uch Tessmira's Belle Fille
N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl Topmast's Fellah of Stupsletta
Amorada's Great Garlic Girl

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