Strawberry Creek's Classy Girl

This is my album

Classy resting in HP's garden

I'm not sleeping ! Is it food now ????

When I'm tired I'm resting like a ball, (big ball)

I'm looking for food, Hp got me finding something.


Christoffer is my best mate. We enjoy going juniorhandling I have to make some trouble for Christoffer
On my way for my second puppyshow in Tønsberg. I become 3.BIS In the ring together with my sister Raja Liv is running so nice. Just the right tempo for me. She is so kind. I think this is funny. Could I go for more puppyshow


I enjoy running with Liv. Why should the judge look at my teeth ?? I can eat alone with my teeth  
I'm visiting Liv and HP 1 1/2 years old I'm so pretty, don't you think ??? This is my other side !!

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