Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl

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Born: 3. August 2002

Father: N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor - Mother: Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond
My pedigree

I'm the latest, fresh breath in our little house. I'm pretty, kind, gentle and a very calm puppy. I love being together with people. I think it is a herritage from both mum and dad. Liv and HP think I'm going to be talking a lot when I grow older. Soon you can take a look at some picture of me on this site. Please come back, because I would like to meet you again.

Foto: Pia Sønsterød, Drammen



On these pictures there is only a few days left till I will have my first litter
18. march 2006 I went to a dogshow.
It's so nice to be groomed and have a nice and clean coat
Tiril think I'm a horse to ride on
Tuva think so too.
Some day I have to tell them that I'm not a horse, but a dog.

My pedigree

N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor Nord Uch Geminorum Graphias Gallo Jules De Dourga
Geminorum Eletra
Moskusbanden's Alma Ata Int N S Uch Sikandi Aussie Bear
N Uch Birkorella's Ebene Femme
Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond Nord Uch Tessmira's Fernando Lötgården's Grodan Boll
N Uch Tessmira's Belle Fille
N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl Topmast Fellah Of Stupsletta
Amorada's Great Garlic Girl

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