Strawberry Creek's Exena BelleDumbo

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Born: 23. January 2003

Father: N Uch Naristo's Gulliver - Mother: Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond

Hi, my name is Exena. I live together with Mette and Anders. I would like to send my regards to my brothers and sisters all over the world.

Foto: Vibeke Brath

This picture is taken on my first show as an adult dog. Below there is more pictures and my pedigree.

Foto: Vibeke Brath

Foto: Vibeke Brath

My pedigree

N Uch Naristo's Gulliver N Uch Naristo's Alderbay Barry Int N S Uch Galbybygdas Deep Brown Cassanovason
Bibbi's Apolla Saralita
Furrier's JuniJenta Nittifire N S Uch Bjørneskogen's Buffalo Bill
Furrier's Gladiolus Imbricata
Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond Nord Uch Tessmira's Fernando Lötgården's Grodan Boll
N Uch Tessmira's Belle Fille
N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl Topmast Fellah Of Stupsletta
Amorada's Great Garlic Girl

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