Hans-Peter Lannerstedt

Teglverksveien 17, N-3430 SPIKKESTAD

Phone: +47 31 28 99 50  Fax: +47 31 28 99 51

Hans-Peter cellphone: +47 41 28 99 50

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since 17. March 1996

Last update 18. august 2014

Welcome to Norway,

to Strawberry Creek and

Naristo Newfoundlands

We, Liv and Hans-Peter, Tiril and Tuva (the humans), and no dogs at the moment, live in a small place called Spikkestad. We have a smal scale of breeding Newfoundlands. 

We are proud to tell you that we have exported dogs to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium and USA.

If you are looking for a puppy, see the link below (planned litters)

Read in the NEWS sector what's up at the moment 
our twins Born 2nd of August 2004 Our Wedding

My other hobby- Yamaha Vmax

Strawberry Creek's Omax

Our dogs

Link to Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl







Våre forvertshunder

Link til Strawberry Creek's Godis






Our litters


Link to info about C-litterC-litter

Link to info about D-litterD-Litter

Link to info about D-litterE-litter

Link to info about D-litterF-Litter Link to info about G-litterG-litter

Born 22.01.00

Born 22.01.01

Born 03.08.02

Born 23.01.03

Born 08.07.03

Born 11.07.05
Link to info about H-litterH-litter Link to info about I-litterI-litter Link to info about J-litterJ-litter Link to info about K-litterK-litter

Link to info about K-litterL-litter

Link to info about M-litterM-litter
Born 06.06.06

Born 31.10.06

Born 07.05.07

Born 14.01.08

Born 04.05.08

Born  02.06.09
Link to info about N-litterN-litter Link to info about K-litterO-litter Link to info about K-litterP-litter    

Planned litters  

Born 12.06.09 Born 8. january 2012      

Our beloved dogs at Rainbow Bridge

Link to Stupsletta's Kalle

Link to Int N S Uch Galbybygda's Deep Brown Cassanovason Link to Waterloo's Nadia Link to N S Uch Felicia's Aristoteles Link to Bibbi's Apolla Saralita Link to Marcarpent's Sparkle Plenty


Cassanova Nadia Aristo Sara Sparky
Link to Stupsletta's Alderman Link to N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl Link to N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor Link to Furrier's Junijenta Nittifire Link to Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond Link to Naristo's El Wakayoo


Tequila Victor Juni 



Link to Naristo's Elleville Madam Mim Link to N Uch Naristo's Gulliver Link til Strawberry Creek's Exena BellaDumbo Link to Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl   Photogallery



Exena Diamanten  

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