Teglverksveien 17, 3430 Spikkestad, Norway
+47 31 28 99 50

Naristo's Elleville Madam Mim
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Born 6. Mars 1996 

Father: Int N S Uch Galbybygda's Deep Brown Cassanovason - Mother: Furrier's Junijenta Nittifire

Mim is a newf-girl living up to her name.  She's barefaced and confident.  Food standing all alone - with no one to watch it - is of course left for her to take!  Package is no problem! Mim loves Fisherman's Friend Lakris without sugar. Mim has showed to be a very good red currant harvester.  Only trouble is - they are coming out the other way looking the same as they came in. Gooseberry's are as good as red currants, the thorns are nothing to consider, Mim says in a little comment.

Mim is a very special dog, containing a big space in our hearts!

That's how I look when I have taken a bath - are you scared ?????
We think there is a stolen treat in the bed.
As her mother Mim likes to relax in the couch, bed or anything else that is soft an warm.



Int N S Uch 

Galbybygda's Deep Brown Cassanovason

Int S N Uch Qashiwa's Cassanowa N Uch Woodales Lord Nelson Dk Ch Ferro von Søven
Dk Ch Wooddales Ea
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Furrier's Junijenta Nittifire

N S Uch
Buffalo Bill
Int DK S Uch 
Borghøj's Drummer of America

Int DK NL D LUX Uch Borghøj's Rufus Rex

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Kilyka's Newf House Navajo Joy

HD = A

H-Herlige Tora

Int N S Uch NV-89/90 Nordkjern's Entertainer

HD = A

N Uch Riska

HD = A

Gladiolus Imbricata
N S Uch
Kanikula's Elmer Automat

S N Uch Top Bear's Arramac

HD = A

N S Uch Bubbelina's Chattanooga Choo Choo

HD = A

N Uch Zambassadourgårdens
Anna Conda

Int Nord Uch Nord V-78 Ursula's MacMortensen

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