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Waterloo's Nadja
HD = A - AA = ?

Born 19. Mars 1986 - Died: 1998
Father:Brunhaus Simon of Bäckevik - Mother:Waterloo's Cinderella

Nadja was my first dog.
She was 8 weeks old and had a weight of 4.5 kilos when she arrived. 
I really did my best to spoil her and soon she became the nick "
Queen Nadja".
Nearly 12 years old Nadja had to live me for the rainbow bridge
, where Aristo welcomed her.  Together they now are waiting for me.

We'll meet again!

Queen-Nadja - proudly on her way to a hiding place with a stolen shoe
The Queen - 1 year old
A huge "fish" on the hook?
The Newf-queen watching her kingdom
An older Nadja in the heather
Nadja's christmas


Brunhaus Simon of Bäckevik Am Ch Terranova Int Dk Uch Caniz Major Skibber
Int Dk Ch Bjergegård's Wilma-B
Am Ch Vanita of Brunhaus Am Ch Barbara-Allen's Captain Black
Am Ch Norwest's Sarah of Westover
Waterloo's Cinderella Am Ch Barnabus of Brunhaus Am Ch Norwest's Spencer of Westover
Am Ch Norwest's Sarah of Westover
Camen Cita Kariland's Uller
Blacky av Skalle