This page was last updated 22. January 2012

22. January 2012 The puppies are14 days old. They seem to be very healthy. They are growing from day to day. See info on the litter site.
8. January 2012 Today Uno finally got her pups. They where 8 totally. 2 boys and 6 girls. The birth went well, and Uno is a great mother.
6. November 2011 Today Chiqui Bear's Uno Momento was bred with Skipper's Onca Again. It's a long time since we had puppies, so now we are full of expectation. Puppies are expected 2. january 2012
21. March 2011 Today we mated Chiqui Bear's Uno Momento with N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor. Puppies are expected 21. May 2011. There will only be white&black puppies in this litter.
16. March 2011 Strawberry Creek's Godis has benn sucessfully mated with Bikkjehaugen's Junior. Puppies are expected 16. May 2011. We hope there will be both black and black&white puppies.
31. December 2010 Uno's elbow results came today. She has a C on her elbows. Great news.
23. December 2010 Uno's hipresults has arrived today. B on both hips. That's fantastic. So when summer is comming closer, we hope to have white&black puppies from her.
20. December 2010 Chiqui Bear's Uno Momento has X-rayed both hips and elbows today. Now we are waiting for the results.
24. October 2010 Strawberry Creek's Exena BellaDumbo has gone to Rainbow Bridge. All the joy you have given us. All the puppies, all of everything with you, we will miss for the rest of our life. Thank you for everything, Exena. It has been a pleasure to have you in our house. Tuva is missing you a lot.
23. January 2010 Today Strawberry Creek's Exena BellaDumbo reach the age of 7 year. The day was celebrated together with Morten Minstemann, and they expect puppies 27. March 2010. Only black puppies is expected.
27. july 2009 N Uch Naristo's Gulliver has left us. He died in our yard peacefully with all of us by his side. He will be deeply missed in our family. He could stand on his feet, so we had to help to the Rainbow Bridge. Gulliver was 11 1/2 years old.
12. june 2009 Exena got her puppy. 1 black male. He came to this world by C-section.
2. june 2009 Godis has got her puppies. 1 black male and 1 white&black male.
24. April 2009 Naristo's Elleville Madam Mim has made her last journey to the Rainbow Bridge tonight.
26. march 2009 Strawberry Creek's Godis has been mated to Bikkjehaugen's Pjokken Out Of Poohbear
14. June 2008 Strawberry Creek's Jeg Scooby-Doo got his first Certificate today. Mom is so proud of him.
4. May 2008 Strawberry Creek's Godis has started giving birth to her puppies. 5 males and 3 females. 1 White&Black male and 2 White&Black females. The rest was all black.
2. March 2008 Strawberry Creek's Godis has been mated to N Uch Bikkjehaugen's Kompis. We are expecting white&black puppies in the beginning of May.
2. February 2008 Strawberry CReek's I-One (Minni) got her first Certificate today. She also become 2. best bitch. We send our congratulation to the owner and handler Inger Munkvold.
14. January 2008 Diamond Girl has given birth to 4 wonderfully white&black puppies today.
6. January 2008 Today Wakayoo has left to Rainbow bridge. He will be deeply missed in our family.
27, December 2007 Exena is breed to N Uch Naristo's Gulliver. Puppies are expected 20. February 2008
10. November 2007 Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl has succesfully been breed to Bikkjehaugen's Kompis. He is a white&black dog, so we expect only white&black puppies in this litter.
1. November 2007 We are sorry to inform that both Exena and Godis is empty. No puppies from these breedings.
6. October 2007 We went to teh vet today for vaccination of our dogs. I asked him to take a close look at Exena, and he confirmed that she is expecting puppies. We are not happy, but done is done. Gulliver is the father. Puppies are expected 10. November 2007. See more information on our site planned litters
16. September 2007 Another sucessfull trip to Sweden. If this will not give puppies, then I don't know what to do.
14. September 2007 We has visited Vertigo Univers in Sweden, and had a sucessfull breeding with Strawberry Creek's Godis. We expect puppies 17. November 2007. This will hopefully give us both white&black and black puppies.
7.May 2007 Strawberry Creek's Exena BellaDumbo has given birth to9 puppies.4 males and 5 females.
26. April 2007 Strawberry Creek's Godis was x-rayed today. She got excellent elbows and excellent hips
24. April 2007 Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl has been sucessfulloy breeded to Vertig KatchThemAll, and puppies are expected 26. June 2007
22. march 2007 Strawberry Creek's Archibald Bold had to make a last journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
21. March 2007 N Uch Strawberry Creek's Archiemedes has made his journey to Rainbow Bridge. A big thanks to his proud owners.
8. march 2007 Today we sucessed the breeding with Strawberry Creek's Exena BellaDumbo and Bikkjehaugen's Lord of the Rings. Puppies are expected app. 11. may 2007
12. January 2007 Strawberry Creek's Buddy Maico had to give up today. Thanks too Linn and Ole Kristian for everything you have done with and for Maico.
21. December 2006 Strawberry Creek's I-one has left the building. She is now in her new home.
16. December 2006 Today it's 10 years since my first litter was born. There are still 4 out of 7 puppies alive. Happy birthday Archibald, Archimedes, Allanah and Arusha.
8. December 2006 Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond has left for Rainbow Bridge. Thanks for everything VB. We miss you so much.
31. October 2006 Strawberry Creek's I-one has been born
22. August 2006 Today we got a successful breeding  with Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl and  Vertigo's Katchthemall.  Puppies are exoected 24. October 2006
20. August 2006 Furrier's JuniJenta Nittifire has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much
06. June 2006 Strawberry Exena BellaDumbo gave birth to 6 puppies. 1 male and 5 felmales. Father is N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor
23. October 2005 Strawberry Creek's Baldric got his title N Uch today in Tromsø. I guess you are very happy now Liv ???
11. July 2005 Today Diamond Girl got 7 puppies. 3 males and 4 females. All well with mother and puppies
9. may 2005 Today we succed breeding Diamond Girl see planned litters
2. August 2004 This day will forever be remembered. Live gave birt to two wonderfully girls.
27. March 2004 With 12 degress in the air, no snow on the roads, it's time for motorbike again. So I was out on my first tour today. It was wonderful. I need some practice for the driving, then I'm back to buisness.
9. March 2004 Today we where told that we going to be parents for two boys. We are looking forward to the birth now. We both are happy, and both boys seems to be healthy so far.
9. March 2004 Another dog from my D-litter has been x-rayed, and he got this results: HD - excellent Elbows - excellent. We are thrilled.
12. February 2004 Today we have got the x-ray results for the 3 first puppies from our D litter. All has excellent hips and elbows. We are so proud.  Victoria say Hi to all her pups.
4. February 2004 Today Diamond Girl, Rico and James been x-rayed on hips and elbows. Now we are just waiting for the results.
30. January 2004 Today we have recieved a message from the hospital that we are expecting two babies.
19. January 2004 We have been to the hospital and have seen the little miracles heartbeat. Ultrasound is very a  helpfull tool. We have also learned that our child will be born  about 11. september 2004.
12. Januay 2004 Our Doctor confirmed that we are going to be parents. Estimated time for arrival is in the end of August 2004.
10. January 2004 AT LAST ! We are going to be parents, It's a miracle, we has been told that we never could have any child, so the happiness in our house is high. We are looking forward to this.
9. December 2003 Today we recieved the results from VetGen about Gulliver and his Cystinuria Test. Gulliver is Clear.
31. August 2003 Today 6 of our babies has gone to new homes. On tuesday the rest will be leaving. It's always a sad thing when they are leaving, but it's nice to let them go tjis time. They have been so many, and they have given us a very nice but hard times.
31. August 2003 Yeasterday Strawberry Creek's Crocker finnish his championtilte. Congratulations to Sandra and of course to our very good boy Crocker.
23. July 2003 It's a sad day here at Strawberry Creek. Our boy N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor has left us for the travel to the Rainbow bridge. He will be deeply missed. He has been a very nice boy, and he was the boss among all of our boys. Inger miss you so much, and wishes you all the best on the bridge.
8. July 2003 Strawberry Creek's Classy Girl has given birth to 12 puppies today. They are all well marked and there where 8 males and 4 females. 2 of each sex has the white&brown colour, and the rest is white&black
3. June 2003 We see so many signs on Classy, so we think she will have her puppies in july as planned.
6. May 2003 We managed another successful breeding today. Puppies are expected 8. July 2003
4. May 2003 Today we had success in breeding Strawberry Creek's Classy Girl and Newf Mermaid's Yentl.
23. january 2003 Victoria gave birth to 9 puppies today. 3 males and 6 females. All are very healthy and mother and pups are doing fine.
17. January 2003 Victor is 7 years old, and he is now a veteran. Happy birthday Victor.
12. January 2003 Diamond Girl wnet to a puppyshow today, and she become BOB and BIG 2. We are very proud of her.
10. December 2002 Today I was at hospital to remove a tumor in my shoulder. It was 850 gram and a little one inside. That one was 28 gr and it was cancer. Now I'm healthy, and I just waiting for christmas to come.
2. December 2002 Victor has been to the vet. Haldor Skålnes, and he told us that Victor did not have kardiomyopati. He has cancer just outside of his heart.
26. October 2002 Diamond Girl went to her first lesson on puppytraining. She behave very well.
1. Oktober 2002 Today Tequila went to The Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much, but now she don't have any pain. She will be remembered as long as we live. Say hello to the rest of our beloved furry friends,  Tequila.
27. September 2002 It's another "sad" day. The first pup has left. She will be living in Tolga in Norway. We wish her good luck for the rest of her life, And she will always be welcome to our house when she is nearby. We miss her already. It's hard to let them go, but that's life.
24. September 2002 Today all the puppies has been to the vet. He told us that they where all very healthy and in good condition.
13. September 2002 It's a sad day. N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor has got Cardiomyopati, and for sure we didn't expected that. Most of my breeding plans has gone with the wind.
5. august 2002 Today Strawberry Creek's Classy girl had her hips and elbows x-rayed. Both where excellent. .
3. august 2002 Today Victoria gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies. 4 white&black and 3 black pups. We are so proud of her.
14. July 2002 Now we can see Victoria is beginning to grow. We think she has a lot of puppies ??
1. June 2002 Today we breed Victor and Victoria. Puppies are expected 2. August 2002
4. May 2002 Strawberry Creek's Baldric has moved to his new owner, and she took him to a dogshow today. At his first entrance in the ring he got CC and become Best of Breed, and he become 2. best in Group. Thank you Liv for letting him stay with you. Good luck in the future with Baldric.
14. April 2002 Today we have some of the pictures from our wedding put on our web-site. Take a look
13. April 2002 At last. The AA-results from Baldric has arrived. He is AA- excellent. The whole B-litter with hips excellent and elbows excellent.
06.04.02 The magic date has arrived. Today Liv and I will get married in Ullern Church i Oslo, Norway. We have choosen this date for our wedding, because A Special newf owned by Liv was born on this date. His name was N S Uch Felicia's Aristoteles. There will be a guard of honour outside the church made by Newfs, and in front our own boys N Uch Gulliver and N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor.
28. March 2002 Today the official hipresults from the last puppy of my B-litter arrived. All the puppies have perfect hips. Thank's to Krambjoernen's Clear Water and Camilla Folke in Sweden, for letting me use him as a father to this litter.
25. February 2002 Today we celebrate Gulliver's 4 birthday. and he also become a dad today. 9 cute puppies, 5 brown and 4 black ones. If you follow this link you can see pictures of them. Gulliver puppies
23. February 2002 We went to Bø i Telemark for an International Dogshow. Victor become 2. best male and Gulliver become no. 3.
16. February 2002 Today our boy N Uch Naristo's Gulliver become BOB at a national show. We are so proud of him.
15. February 2002 Our boy is on his way. Today Feb. 15 2002 he went Best of winners and Winners dog to get a 3 point Major. I am so excited and over joyed and I know you will be also I will get a PIC off to you as soon as I get them.  The entry was 15 newfs. We are so proud of him he loves to be in the ring and it was his first time ever and indoor also he is a true champion just like his Dad. I will let you know how the rest of the days go. But this is a great start don't you think?


Thank you Sandra for letting us know about Crocker

17. January 2002 N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor become 6 years old today. Happy birthday Victor.
31. December 2001 Tomorrow a new year begin. It will be a special year for me. I'm getting married to Liv in 96 days.
16. December 2001 Today my A-litter become 5 years old. I'm really proud of them all, especially my own Victoria. She are a special girl. Very nice, gentle and a typical newf.
20. oktober 2001 Now we had to go back to Tromsø Hundeklubb. We entered the Group and where among the five in the final.  Gulliver became BEST in GROUP. Then we had to wait for the best in show finale After half an hour we where ready to enter the big final.  Not no. 5 not no. 4 and not no 3. After a speach from the leader of the dogclub, the speaker announced the winner.  "New" Norwegian Champion Naristo's Gulliver is BEST IN SHOW I was crying and very happy.
20. oktober 2001 Så var det tid for gruppefinaler. Vi gikk inn og ble plukket ut til finalen. Det skal ikke stikkes under en stol at temperaturen steg i takt med at Gulliver ikke ble ropt opp til noen plassering. Så stod vi to igjen, og Gulliver ble Best i Gruppen. Så måtte vi vente i litt over en halv time, før det var tid for BIS-finalen. Igjen ble "Gull" plukket ut til finalen. Ikke ble han BIS 5, Ikke BIS 4 og heller ikke BIS 3. Da stod "Gull" og en Am-staff igjen. Så var det tid for leder av Tromsø hundeklubb til å takke for fremmøte og all hjelp. jeg kan love dere at jeg gråt mine modige tårer, over en så fin plassering, enten nr 1 eller nr. 2. Så overtar speaker mikrofonen og forteller at "Ny Norsk Utstillingschampion Naristo's Gulliver er dagens vinner av BEST IN SHOW på Tromsø Hundeklubb's Utstilling 2001. En stor takk til alle venner og kjente i Tromsø, for hjelp og forpleining. Jeg kommer snart opp igjen.
20. Oktober 2001 Så bar det videre til NNK's utstilling, også i Tromsø. Her fikk han sitt 3. og etterlengtede cert, og ble dermed Norsk Utstillingschampion. "Gulliver" ble 2 beste hannhund.
20. oktober 2001 Naristo's Gulliver og jeg var på utstillingen i Tromsø. Først på Tromsø Hundeklubb hvor "Gull" fikk "Certet" og ble BIR.
18. oktober 2001 Buddy Maico og Bella Ronja er HD og AA frie. fem av seks fri både foran og bak, jeg er meget fornøyd med det resultatet.
20. Oktober 2001 Then we entered NNK's utstilling, also in Tromsø. He got his third CC and finnished his championship. he becomne second best male
20. oktober 2001 Naristo's Gulliver and I went to a dogshow in Tromsø. First to  Tromsø Hundeklubb, Gulliver got has second CC and become BOB.
18. oktober 2001 Buddy Maico and Bella Ronja had excellent hipsand elbows. Five out of six in my B-litter has now been x-rayed and I'm so proud
8. September 2001 Bogeyman, Bandit and Blueberry have finnish their hipsscore. results, all three got A Elbows have the same score A for all three.
26. August 2001

Victor become  4 best champion male today. But he lost the challengecup trofee for the best white/black newfie in norway this year. Victor will be back next year. 
26. August 2001 A time zone is over, N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl has entered her last dogshow. The young one have to take their turn now.  Classy, a grandchild of  Tequila has good results so far, so we will concentrate and focus on her in the ring. Tequila will now retire and just be playing around, walking in the forest.  Thank you so much Tequila, for all the joy and happy moments with you around the ring. 
19. August 2001 Classy entered  KSS dogshow in Drammen. Results  BOB, BIG and BIS 2
3. August 2001 Classy become  BOB, BIG 2 at a dogshow in Nesbyen. 
28. July 2001 Victor become 2. best male at the speciality in Moss. It's the same result as last year. 
17. June 2001 And like yeasterday she become also BOB today. but today she also become 3. BIS puppy
16. June 2001 Today Strawberry Creek's Classy Girl entered the ring for her first time. She become BOB, and made it to the semifinale in the BIS. 
1. June 2001 Tequila is doing well after the surgery. She is back to her normal, steeling food, and behave like a grand old Lady.
29. Mai 2001  Tequila is back home,  and the surgery went ok. 
28. Mai 2001 Classy has been to 4 month control. She is a nice girl, and she develop very fine. Nothing wrong with her.
28. Mai 2001  Today Tequila get ill. She had to go to the vet.. She got pyometra. . 
6. April 2001 Bogeyman has left as well today. He has moved to a place called Lunner. I wish hin good luck with his new owners. I know that he will be taken good care of. 
6. April 2001 Strawberry Creek's C'est Fant has left for good. He was picked up by his new owners. I think he will have a good home where he has gone to. It's sp sad when they leave, but for them it's nice to be the one and only in the family. I wish him and his new owners best luck.
1. April 2001 Today I got a call from some people who had got one of the puppies from my B-litter. They didn't want to have him. So I asked them to bring him over to me. He seems to be in need of some attention and care. I hope I find a new and good home for in in just a couple of days.
1. April 2001 We had the opportunity to invite some of our friend for dinner. We have finally get thing in order in our new house. We had a good meal and I think it was a success.
20. March 2001 Today we have started to move in to our new house. The furry gang enjoyed to get a lot more space to move on. Liv and I are enjoying our new house. 
19. March 2001 Oh I hate to get up early in the morning. We had to get up at 04.00 to get to the airport. We arrived a few minutes after 6 O'clock. Crocker was the first to leave Norway. He went to Copenhagen and further on to Toronto. He had a pleasant trip, and get to his new home the same day. Corona was also going to Copenhagen, before she went of to Seattle. She had to spend the night there, and was going to Reno, Nevada the next day. So on Tuesday she got to her new home. Captain Jack went to Frankfurt in Germany. He had to be there for a couple of hours, before he could be moving on to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles he was taken well care of by Mike from Global Animal Transport. They should be staying overnight in a hotel. Unfortunately the staff in this hotel forgot to wake mike in the morning, and Captain Jack missed his flight to Anchorage. He had to stay another day in Los Angeles. But on Wednesday he finally arrived in Anchorage in Alaska. He seems to be a gentle little giant, I have been told by the new owners. It's a shame, but I miss them so much. 
17. March 2001 It's a sad day in our house. First Charlie Brown left, and before he go for his new home, Classy was pick up by the new owners. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. After another couple of hours Raja left as well. It was terrible. But I know they all will be going to good homes.
16. March 2001 All the puppies have been to the vet. They where all healthy and the vet was impressed by my litter. He said I could be very proud of all the pups.
9. February 2001 Today, me and my fiancée has bought a house to live in. We will keep you updated on when we are moving in to the new house. In the meantime you can take a look at the picture on the left side. It's located in Spikkestad nearby where I'm living now.
9. February 2001 Today the puppies got their first meal. In my opinion they are very good at eating. They teeth are also starting to grow. So there is a lot of noise in the whelping box.
1. February 2001 Today two things have happened. First the puppies have started to walk. It was a little tumbling around in the beginning, but later today the are nearly walking as an adult. The other thing is that I have been engaged to Liv Vilde Fredhall. I adore her, and I'm looking forward to spend the rest of my life together with her. 
22. January 2001 Today, exactly 1 year since her last litter, Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. There where 6 white&black ones and only 1 black. There where three bitches all white&black and 3 white& black males. They all seems so far to be very healthy. The birth lasted only for five hours. I'm so proud of VB.
25. December 2000 Strawberry Creek's Blueberry Today I got this Picture from Blueberry
25. November 2000 Norwegian winner show at Hamar. N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl become best veteran bitch and the 3. best bitch. 
24. November 2000 Today Asbjörg Bjerknes Parming was buried. There where many people from the norwegian newfoundlanddog club at her funeral. Asbjörg was born 31. January 1928 and she only reach the age of 72. Asbjörg will be deaply missed. 
23. November 2000 Yet another mating. The puppies are expected 22. January 2001
21. November 2000 Today there is exactly 1 year since VB was mated for the first time. and she was even mated today aswell. She is a relayable bitch. She has been mated with N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor.
17. November 2000 This is a sad day in the history of Strawberry Creek. The breeder of N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl is dead. Asbjörg Bjerknes Parming will be missed by all of us at Strawberry Creek. 
7. November 2000 Today VB got her season. I'll try to mate her with N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor, amd the expect arrivals for the new puppies will be in the middle of January
21. October 2000 This is the last chance for puppies from B.litter to enter a puppyshow. Buddy Maico and Bandit entered the ring, and become 1 and 2 in the class for 6 -9  months puppies. Bandit become the winner and he also become best of breed. Bandit has also changed home, and what a start for the new owners that he was Best of Breed. They where very proud of him I think. Bandit will always have a special place in my heart and I will try to visit him as often as possible. Good luck to you Bandit.
19. October 2000 "Victors" swedish champion title was confirmed to day.
16. October 2000 Today "Victors" championtitle was confirm by the Norwegian Kennel Club
September 2000 Strawberry Creek's Bogeyman had to move to a new owner. The latest news from him is that he is well, and that he love the new owner.
30. July 2000 Moskusbanden's Coole Victor finish his championtitle today. He won the CC on a speciality in Moss, and the judge was Heinz Juan from Austria. He also become 2nd best male. Today Victor become both Norwegian and Swedish Champion. So now we will try it out in the big wide world.
11. June 2000 Moskusbanden's Coole Victor become best White&Black newfoundland at the spciality at Morokulien for the fourth time in a row. He then took his forst bite of the 2nd challenge cup for best white&black newfie at this show.
3. June 2000 Moskusbanden's Coole Victor got his second CC and his first CACIB at the international dogshow in Drammen. He become best male, and BOS
19. May 2000 Bandit and Blueberry went to the veterinary for their 4 month control. They where both very healthy. 
18. May 2000 Stupsletta's Tequila Girl went to the vet. to empty blood from her right ear. 
11. May 2000 I have got the results of parasite in the faeces, and they where negative for both puppies and the adults. I'm so pleased. 
28. April 2000 Strawberry Creek's Bogeyman has gone to his new home. He will be living the middle of Norway, Lundamo, Nearby Trondheim.
22.. April 2000 Today all the puppies are three months old. Congratulations. Bandit and Bogeyman say hello to their brothers and sister. Stay cool.
21. April 2000 Bogeyman and Bandit went for a ride in HP's car for over two and a half hour. None of them get ill during the journey. 
14. April 2000 Blueberry, Bogeyman and Bandit went to the veterinary, to be told that they where healthy and fine. Everything was OK.
30. March 2000 Blueberry has got a new home. He will be living at Bærums Verk about 30 minutes to drive from where he was born. We look forward to see him a lot.
22. March 2000 Bella Ronja left. She went to Skammestein nearby Fagernes.
20. March 2000 Baldric has left the nest. He went by airplane to Alta in North Norway. 
18. March 2000 Strawberry Creek's Buddy Maico has left the nest for good. He will now be living in Krokstadelva. It's a sad thing when they leave.
15. March 2000 We went to the vet. to get all papers done, and to get a microchips. The vet was impressed of the behavior og the puppies. 
10. March 2000 Again we have to practice driving in cars so none get ill on the way to their new homes.
6. March 2000 All puppies have been out driving car for almost 2 hours. None of them get ill.
4. March 2000 All puppies have been outside for almost the whole day. They play very well with each other. I'm so proud of them.
1. March 2000 Bella Ronja and Baba Yaga has got new homes. They will be delivered 18. or 19. March It's always a sad moment when they leave my home.
16. February 2000 Today the puppies are 24 days old, and they have been eating food for the first time
15. February 2000 At last ! I got my own domain on the internet. I'm probably the first who have .no domain for kennel names in Norway. 
22. January 2000 Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond gave birth to 6 puppies. 1 female and 5 males.

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