Teglverksveien 17, 3430 Spikkestad, Norway
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Bibbi's Apolla Saralita
HD = A - AA = ?

Born 12. Juni 1988  - Died: 1993

Father:N S Uch Nordkjern's Appolon - Mother: Bibbi

Sara arrived our home being 5 years old and became the mother of my first litter.  7 beautiful puppys she gave us and two of the boys went to the kennel Tachroof in the Netherlands.
She too died way to early together with Aristo.

I'm beautiful !!
Sara and Cassanova
Here you see me together with Cassanova - I was a very stormy girl and he was a very calm gentleman.
Here you see my family: 
Cassonava - the puppies father, Atalanta and Alderbay Barry


N S Uch Nordkjern's Appolon N Uch Larissima's Ben Dino Black Dino
Int Nord Uch Trapper's Trophy
S Uch Covallaria's Danich-Design Int Dk Ch Ursula's Mac Mortensen
Kløvagården's Dora Larsdotter
Bibbi Am Ch Barbabus of Brunhaus Am Ch Norwest's Spencer of Westover
Am Ch Norwest's Sara of Westover
Diana Benjamin