Chiqui Bear's Uno Momento

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Born: 16. February 2009

Father:Fin S UCH Kloofbear's Lauri Törn Bernoban  - Mother: Strawberry Creek's I-One
My pedigree

Hi! mu name is Uno Momento. They call me hust Uno. I will try to bring a lot of fun and joy into my new home. Come by often, and se if HP has put up some new pictures of me. I'm just too cute.



Tiril became my first friend at my new place. She is so cute and kind to me.
Tuva is also very cute, but she thinks that I'm going to bite all the time. That's not me.
4 months old
I have been taking a bath And I'm just running around to get dry.
Watch out, here I come.

My pedigree

Fin S Uch Kloofbear's Lauri Törn Bernoban USA CH Toad Halls Wizard Of Oz Ch Toad Halls Fields Of Dream
Ch Darbudale's Lila At Toad Hall
Ch Kloofbear's Midnight Sun AM/Can Ch Seal Cove's Espen At Kloofbear
Larinkallion Disperin
Strawberry Creek's I-One Vertigo Katchthemall Nord Uch Geminorum Graphias Gallo
Moskusbanden's Alma Ata
Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl N S Uch Moskusbanden's Coole Victor
Strawberry Creek's Ah Victoria Bond

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