Teglverksveien 17, 3430 Spikkestad, Norway
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N S Uch
Felicia's Aristoteles

HD = E - AA = ?

Born 4. April 1988 - Died: 1993
Father: N S Uch Topbears Arramac - Mother: N S Miklagårdens Felicia

Aristo was my first male - and my greatest love.
He left me suddenly, much to early
, in an accident.
He will live on forever in my heart -
until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.


Aristo 7 weeks old in Vidar's arms.
Aristo - worn out and satisfied after "helping" us digging in the lawn
Aristo in the woods together with Nadja
Ai'nt I beautiful? I think I look best in profile!
My fan-club - Nadja and Cassanova.
On mums lap! 



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