Stupsletta's Kalle

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Born: 11. September 1983 - Died: 3. March 1994

Father: Int Nord Uch Bubbelina's Aegir Skibber - Mother: Larissima's Ballentine

Stupsletta's Kalle was my first dog ever. He came to live with me when he was 7 years old. My dear friend Kalle was so clever. We understood each other from the beginning. We shared everything, especially the companionship. Kalle was healthy until the last week of his life. He stopped eating, getting weaker and weaker each day. I took Kalle to the vet, and he took some blood samples. Ten days after Kalle showed the first symptom of his illness he was put to sleep at Norges Veterinær Høgskole. Losing Kalle was hard for me. Tequila stopped eating for 4 - 5 days when she realized that Kalle had gone over the Rainbow bridge. Kalle will always have a special spot in my heart. I will always remember him. KALLE WAS MY FIRST DOG.

Stupsletta's Kalle

Stupsletta's Kalle

This picture is from a specialty at Fjellhamar 1993

This was Kalles favorite position


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