Strawberry Creek Puppies I-Litter 

Born: . October 2006

Father: Vertigo Katchthemall - Mother: Strawberry Creek's Diamond Girl

Puppy pictures from whelping box

Growing diagram


On this page you can see puppies born at Strawberry Creek.
Click the puppypicture to see pictures of the actual puppy.

Picture Name Birth time Weight Owner


Strawberry Creek's







Birth 802 gr

1week 1 040 gr

2 weeks 1 660 gr

3 weeks 2 580 gr

4 weeks 3740 gr

5 weeks 4 850 gr

6 weeks 5 800 gr

7 weeks  gr

8 weeks  gr


Puppy pictures

Day 1

5 weeks old
6 weeks

Growing diagram

Pedigree of I-litter

Vertigo Katch Them All
HD = A/A    AA = A/A
WB Recc


Multi CH
Owasco Zero Hour 3 AM

HD = ?/?  AA = ?/?
CH Highland Skye of Pouch Cove Dalkens Denver of Pouch Cove
Keepsake of Pouch Cove
CH Cayuga We Are Not Angels
HD = ?/?  AA = ?/?
Topmast's John Huston
Cayugas Jazz of Pouch Cove
Vertigo Eagle over Angel
HD = ?/?  AA = ?/?
Vertigo U Boat
HD = ?/?  AA = ?/?
Twillin Gate Quintex
Vertigo Pollywollydoodleforchatkantarra
CH Vertigo This Is Mindy's Girl
HD = ?/?  AA = ?/?
Fantasea prty Boy Flyd Wilohil

Strawberry Creek's 

Diamond Girl

HD = A/A    AA = A/A


(not carrying the brown gen)

N S Uch

Moskusbanden's Coole Victor

HD = A/D    AA = A/A

WB  recc Brown

Nord Uch

Geminorum Graphias Gallo

HD = A/A    AA = ?/?

Int Ch Geminorum Elettra
Int Ch Geminorum Elettra

Moskusbanden's Alma Ata

HD = A/A    AA = A/A

Int N S Uch Sikandi Aussie Bear
Birkorella's Ebene Femme

Strawberry Creek's

Ah Victoria Bond

HD = A/A   AA = A/A

Black Recc WB

Nord Uch Tessmira's Fernando

HD = A/A    AA= A/A

Int N S Uch

Lôtgaarden's Grodan Boll

N Uch Tessmira's Belle Fille

N Uch Stupsletta's Tequila Girl

HD = A/A    AA = E/E

Topmast's Fellah of Stupsletta

N S Uch Amorada's

Great Garlic Girl


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